Our ability to accomplish our mission hinges on great life group leaders. The more leaders we have and the better trained they are, the more we’re able to create a community where waves of people are transformed by the love of God.

Sermon Series Info

Here you can find videos and resources to discuss the current sermon series and those that we’ve done in the past.

Life Group Leader Role Description

The Life Group Leader Role Description consists of three categories: Core Values, Expectations, and Responsibilities.

First Assembly Values and Beliefs

This is an outline of the First Assembly mission, core values and beliefs that set the standard for Life Groups.

Life Group Leader Login

Login here to access First Assembly’s online database.

Life Cycle of a Group

Creating a relational culture in your life group means taking people through the meet, connect, and belong stages.

A Life Group Wins When…

How can we as Life Group Leaders measure our effectiveness in leading a community atmosphere?

Life Group Member Assessment

The purpose of this tool is to take an honest look at where we are individually in respect to these three relationships – intimacy with God, community with insiders, and influence with outsiders.

Facilitator Tips

This document contains some great tips for facilitating better group meetings.

Group Agreement

This is a valuable tool that you can use to protect the health and development of your group.

Right Now Media

This web site contains numerous curriculum options for Life Groups.

Group Leader Essentials

In leading groups, we have discovered several key essentials to creating the optimum group environment for God to work in.

What to Do When a Couple Needs Marriage Help

Conflict is part of marriage. It’s unavoidable and it’s not entirely a bad thing. As a couple resolves conflict, it’s a way for God to strengthen their relationship. But some couples experience unresolved conflict. They get stuck in unhealthy patterns and need outside help if they want to move forward. This document will help you identify the warning signs of unresolved conflict and give you practical tips for encouraging couples in your group to seek help.

Meaningful Quiet Times

This document contains helpful tips for kickstarting a habit of spending daily time with God. It’s great if you’re looking to get out of a rut when it comes to praying and reading the Bible. You can also share it with group members who aren’t sure how to begin a regular quiet time. It even includes a 30 Days with Jesus reading plan.

Sample Icebreakers

Using icebreakers is an essential life group skill. They should begin with light and informational questions then move to deeper and more personal levels as the group progresses together. If used well, they can move the group to experience greater community!

Sample Icebreaker Activities for Marriage Life Groups

These icebreaker games and activities are especially useful in helping group members become comfortable with one another at the outset of a new group.

Short-Term Group/Class Leader Orientation

This guide will help you start and end your Short-Term Group/Class well.

Spiritual Growth Overview

This one-page document contains a handy overview of what we, as a church, believe about spiritual growth, how we talk about it, how we deliver on it, and who is responsible for it. The overview is a great way of understanding what you are and are not responsible for as you help those you lead take next steps in their faith journeys.

The Truth About Leadershipby James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner

A fresh look at what it means to lead from two of the biggest names in leadership.

In these turbulent times, when the very foundations of organizations and societies are shaken, leaders need to move beyond pessimistic predictions, trendy fads, and simplistic solutions. They need to turn to what’s real and what’s proven. In their engaging, personal, and bold new book, Kouzes and Posner reveal ten time-tested truths that show what every leader must know, the questions they must be prepared to answer, and the real-world issues they will likely face.  Buy it now

How to Make Hospital Visits

We realize that not everyone has had the opportunity to make a hospital visit before, so here are some best practices to read over before making your first hospital visit.

Baptism in the Holy Spirit

How do I receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit?